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Over twenty years of practicing, listening, watching, studying, creating and being inspired by design has given rise to Format Media.

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Based in Brisbane, Australia, our world-wide services include Graphic Design for flyers, business cards, adverts, booklets, stationery, posters and anything for print. We can help position your business in the market place through Corporate Branding, Logo Development, and On-Line Marketing through Electronic Direct Mail and Social Media campaigns.

26 Aug 2013

What is flat design?

Flat Design has become the latest trend in Graphic Design but what exactly is it? Well, as the name suggests, it is the use of "flat" imagery to convey messages and navigate users around a website. There are no more extraneous textures, beveled edges, gradients, shadows, reflections or special effects. It is raw and honest design that eschews style over functionality. Flat Design forces designers to focus on the content as the most central part of the design and think about how to present the content in simple and compelling ways.  Read More